13th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C


In today's Gospel Jesus tells us the importance of an immediate response to a call from God. The first reading illustrates this premise. Elisha was a farmer who lived about 750 B.C. Elijah, another prophet, announced his vocation. Elisha briefly hesitates, but then severs any connection with his past life by burning the plow he had been using. It amounts to literally burning his bridges behind him.

elisha left and followed elijah

follow me


live by the Spirit
the whole law is love


Paul writes an emotional and somewhat bitter letter to the Christians of Galatia. It was a region in north central Turkey. He had established some churches there, but learned that the people were backsliding into their old religion. Paul had taught that some of the negative laws proclaimed by Moses had been replaced by more positive law of Christian love. He believed that their return to the laws of Moses was a retreat into slavery.

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