20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C


Iraq (Babylon) attacked Israel in the 6th century B.C. The prophet Jeremiah interpreted this as a punishment from God for the sins of the people. He warned them not to resist the enemy. They called him a traitor and defeatist. A group of leaders pressured the weak to allow them to kill Jeremiah. They threw him into an underground water tank. He was rescued by an official from Ethiopia (Cush). A black foreigner had more faith and compassion than Jeremiah's peers.


a household will be divided


we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses

this man began to build what he could not finish




Jesus Christ has been called "the prince of peace." Why does he say that he has come for "division"? One reason may be that too many people practice a passive religion. They express faith and go through the motions, but don't really commit themselves. Jesus calls for an active religion. Christianity is a revolution against the values of this world. Christians must be rebels. Jesus preaches a faith that must suit radicals. We will always be divided from those who want a "safe" faith.

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