25th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C


Amos was the first of the prophets in the Golden Age of Prophecy--8th to 6th centuries BC. Like his spiritual heirs he had a strong sense of social justice. He condemned business men who bought slaves for "the cost of a pair of sandals". Here he cites a whole range of injustices. They are angered over the feast of the "New Moon". It was a monthly holy day celebrated when the phase of new moon first appeared. All business had to end and people were required to fast and pray. Some scholars think that it might signal an early form of moon worship among the people of Israel. It is celebrated among the Jews to this day.
Other references in the story--ephah and shekel--involve various weights and measures. Greedy business men would alter these in their favor.


we will fix our scales for cheating


i ask prayer for those in authority

sit down quickly and write



Jesus based his parables on real-life, and possibly historical situations. He often added a small twist in the story: something that did not make sense from a human point of view. In today's Gospel he praises a man who is openly a crook. A manager or steward is about to be fired from his job. Realizing that he has little prospect of being hired again, he conspires to rob from his employer. He uses his authority to reduce debts owed to the master, thinking that the debtors will show him gratitude later.
Jesus and the employer praise this unscrupulous action? Why? Because it portrays the virtue of prudence, planning ahead. Christ implies that Christians often fail to practice foresight in thinking of their future life. We do not take heaven into account, when we plan our daily lives. Do you?.

no one can serve two masters

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