29th Sunday Ordinary Time - Year C


During their long march from Egypt to Palestine the Israelites had to go through land controlled by other people. Some of these resisted this invasion. The Israelites had to fight to gain passage.
Moses inspired his small band by showing himself in prayer. He climbed a hill and stood in the traditional stance of prayer, arms raised and palms open.
As long as they could see the Law-giver praying, the Israelites were courageous. Their morale ebbed when Moses grew tired. Finally, he had to station men at either side of his arms to sustain his position.

When the Son comes... faith?

Has long as Moses had his arms raised up Israel had the better of the fight.

All scripture is inspired and useful for teaching...
Render a just decision for me.


Jesus teaches the value of continued prayer by citing the example of a widow who triumphs by the same virtue. A dishonest judge is waiting for other side's bribe in a lawsuit.
Why does God demand persistence? The answer may lie in our own failure to recognize God's involvement in our daily lives. The relationship with the Giver is more important than the gift.

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