Body and Blood of Christ - Year C


Sometime around 1750 B.C. Abraham entered the region later known as Palestine. He became embroiled in a battle with a group of "kings". They were actually just leaders of small fortified towns. He defeated them and then made peace with one king who had not joined the others. This was Melchizedek, priest-king of Salem–-later called Jerusalem. The latter's sacrifice seems to foreshadow the Eucharist.

This is my body.


the fragments filles twelve baskets

this is the cup of the  new covenant in my blood.



Among some prehistoric people there was a custom of sealing treaties in blood. For example, some Native Americans used a "blood brother" ritual. Moses created such a rite to ratify God's treaty or Covenant with Israel. This involved the slaying of several bulls and throwing their blood on the people. Paul interprets the Communion cup as a parallel to this event. His description of the Last Supper predates the Gospels and probably influenced Eucharistic theology.

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This is my body.


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