Canonization & Beatification



bullet Friar Jack's Catechism Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on How Saints Are Made - Answers to the following questions: How does a person become a Catholic saint? When did the first formal canonization take place?

bullet St Francis of Assisi Primary School - Saints Research - An online research module for Year 6 students preparing for Confirmation. This excellent module if intended for Australian students but can be easily adapted for students internationally. Although its primary purpose is to help the students choose the saint they wish to use for their Confirmation name, it does help the children investigate what makes a person a saint.

Pope Benedict defined sainthood by saying a saint is “someone who is so fascinated by the beauty of God and by His perfect truth that he is progressively transformed by it. For this beauty and this truth he is ready to renounce everything, even himself.” -- Kairos Catholic Journal: Past Issues: Sainthood


bullet Links for Learners: Edith Stein: Our Newest Saint - October 1998 Issue of St. Anthony Messenger Magazine Online - This classroom resource guide is intended to support curriculum in Social Studies—the Holocaust and Religion—the making of a saint; miracles. The guide provides some useful suggestions and information to help present the steps of sainthood to students.

bullet Making of Saints - Backgrounder prepared by the Department of Communications of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops - This document offers a glossary of terms related to the process of making saint, a historical overview of saint making throughout the centuries in the Church, and a description of each of the four stages in the procedure that leads to the declaration of sainthood. This document is in PDF format.

bullet Canonization Process - Note released by the Holy See Press Office in 1997 on canonical procedure for causes of beatification and canonization.

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