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John 17:6-19 NAB text with concordanceJesus' prayer for his disciples (Easter 7B)

Evangelist Symbol - John




Catechesis with Children


  • God's Call and His Protection - Children's Reading - Larry Broding - Family Activity: Family Prayer Time
  • Sermon for Kids - In the World-Not of the World - Got Jesus? - Through Life's Maze - "I'm praying for You" crossword puzzle coloring page
  • SDC RE Resources - 7th Sunday of Easter pdf document puzzle
  • Liturgy of the Word with Children - 7th Sunday of Easter - Prepared by the Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland
  • Children's Litrugy - Diocese of Westminster - Year B - 7th Sunday of Easter pdf document
  • CAFOD - Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year B) - A children's liturgy resource for Sunday 13 May. Download the accompanying illustration
  • Loyola Press Sunday Connection - 7th Sunday of Easter
  • Pflaum - Sunday lectionary readings for Liturgy of the Word with Children - May 13
  • Pflaum Gospel Weekly
  • Children’s Liturgy - Adorers of the Blood of Christ - 7th Sunday of Easter
  • Catholic Toolbox - 5/13/18- Mark 16:15-20 or John 17:11B-19
  • Children's Liturgy of the Word - ST John th Evangelist Church and School - 7th Sunday of Easter - Primary Lesson Plan - Preschool Lesson Plan pdf document


Images / Clipart / Coloring Pages / Puzzles


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Fr Lonsdale Clipart and Commentary clipart 7th Sunday in Easter time

John 17:11-19at Cerezo Barredo clipart


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