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  • The Holy Spirit And Mary - Article by Dwight P. Campbell - "An explanation of St. Maximillian Kolbe's Marian theology which reveals "the hidden relationship between the Spirit of God and the Virgin of Nazareth"..."
  • The Holy Spirit in the Sacraments - by Very Rev. Peter Stravinskas - "Let's look at how the Holy Spirit acts in each of the sacraments. "
  • Holy Spirit and Fire by Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci, Spirituality for Today February 2011
    The action of receiving a baptism with the Holy Spirit and with fire conveys not only a divine gift, but also a human responsibility.
  • From Spirit to Holy Spirit in the Old Testament - by Leonard Doohan - Scripture from Scratch© 1999.
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church - I believe in the Holy Spirit - Click on the article numbers to get a listing of passages related to each article. On the U.S. Catholic Bishops web site.
  • Links to images of Pentecost - An extensive listing of links to works of great painters on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.
  • The Holy Spirit as Paraclete - Scripture From Scratch ©1998 - by Raymond E. Brown, S.S. - "When Christians think of the Holy Spirit, echoes of catechism answers often come to mind: the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, one in divine substance with the Father and Son. But that Trinitarian doctrine was not defined until the fourth century, and in the first days of Christianity the picture was far less precise, especially in regard to the personhood of the Spirit. "


  • Holy Ghost - Article in the Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit - by Fr. William Saunders - Fr. Saunders answer to the following question: "I recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation as an adult. Although I know that I received the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and know their names, I do not really know what they are. Could you please explain them in one of your columns? "
  • The Evangelizing Power of the Holy Spirit - December 1998 Issue of St. Anthony Messenger Magazine Online - Ways the Spirit Empowers Us & Strengthening Our Faith Through Evangelization.
  • Confirmation - 7 Symbols in 1 Sacrament - by Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M., Th.D. - "Words may be able to explain what happens at Confirmation and what it means to be confirmed. But we really don’t know what Confirmation is until we experience the ritual symbols of the sacrament. In this Youth Update we will examine the principal symbols of the Sacrament of Confirmation." Pentecost
  • Receive the Holy Spirit by Sara Kirtlink - Youth Update - "The Holy Spirit is more than a fleeting feeling or a seasonal celebration. Catholics preparing for Confirmation hope to receive the gifts and fruits of this Holy Spirit. This Youth Update intends to increase your awareness of that Holy Spirit, your appreciation of the Spirit's gifts."
  • The Holy Spirit in the Church - Scripture From Scratch May©2004 - "The Holy Spirit is active at Pentecost and in the sacrament of Confirmation. The New Testament portrays the Spirit as an advocate or paraclete while the Church sees the Spirit as its "Living Memory" to keep alive the gospel of Jesus."
  • The Holy Spirit: Life-Giver - by Friar Jack Wintz, O.F.M.
  • Friar Jack's Catechism Quiz:
    The Holy Spirit, Pentecost and Confirmation
    - by Julie Zimmerman - "What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    Why is oil used at Confirmation?
    What is the meaning of the clothes the bishop wears at Confirmation? "

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Catechism of the Catholic Church

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  • Catechesis on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    Series of "Regina Coeli" and "Angelus" given by the Holy Father in 1989:

Paul VI

Benedict XV