October 12, 2009 - Volume 2, Number 12



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books§ The AmericanCatholic.org has an extensive section on the Sacraments. Read more...

§ "Delta is a DVD-based adult education program. Delta is a perfect component to the RCIA or any adult education program you may already be running or it can be used on its own." Read more...

§ Glossaries of Liturgy and Church Terms - There are a number of useful glossaries of liturgy and church terms available online. Read more...

§ Theology Library is one of the oldest and most extensive directory of online resources related to the Catholic faith available online (close to 20,000 links). Read more...

§ Faith Works - A collection of videos showing people, places and programs affecting faith in our everyday lives. Read more...

§ As Paul tells it ... is " a letters based study of what the apostle Paul tells us about his work, his teaching, and himself." Read more...

§ Into His Own is designed as a tool for the historical study of Christian scriptures. Read more...

§ Lectio Divina - This Web page outlines various elements of Lectio Divina. Read more...


Technology and Religious Education


§ Employing Digital Media in Catechesis pdf - Technology & Catechesis by Carson Weber, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

"In this article, we will explore several quality resources that use developments in media technology to enhance/aid our catechesis. First, we look at the technology available to us to display DVD media. Then, we dive into three specific resources that bring leaven to the new culture created by recent advances in technology."

"In the early life of the Church, the great Apostles and their disciples brought the Good News of Jesus to the Greek and Roman world. Just as, at that time, fruitful evangelization required that careful attention be given to understanding the culture and customs of those pagan peoples so that the truth of the gospel would touch their hearts and minds, so also today, the proclamation of Christ in the world of new technologies requires a profound knowledge of this world if the technologies are to serve our mission adequately.". -- Pope Benedict XVI - Message for World Communications Day 2009



Useful Resources


Resources for feast days in October:

All Saints - Fra Angelico

October 14: Saint Callistus I, pope and martyr - Optional Memorial
October 15: Saint Teresa of Jesus, virgin and doctor - Memorial
October 16: Saint Hedwig, religious or Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, virgin - Optional Memorial
October 17: Saint Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr - Memorial
October 18: Saint Luke the Evangelist - Memorial
October 23: Saint John of Capistrano, priest - Optional Memorial
October 24: Saint Anthony Mary Claret, bishop - Optional Memorial
October 28: Saint Simon and Saint Jude, apostles - Feast
November 1: All Saints - Solemnity
November 2: All Souls - ranked with solemnities
November 3
: Saint Martin de Porres, religious - Optional Memorial
November 4: Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop - Memorial


Resources on the Sunday Readings


Background articles and commentaries, homilies, children's stories, art, clipart, videos and other resources on the Mass readings for upcoming Sundays:

29th Sunday - Year B30th Sunday - Year B29th Sunday - Year B


Printable Monthly Calendar

June 2009 calendar

October 2009 Calendar Printout PDF document

June 2009 calendar

November 2009 Calendar Printout PDF document

Words of Wisdom Posters

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

It is better to be the child of God than king of the whole world. -- St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Saint Servinus

We must acknowledge that God is happiness itself or we will never know what true happiness is! -- St. Servinus

More Word of Wisdom Posters


Scripture Posters and Cards

Download and print these posters. Click on the images to see a large version.


Mark 10.51

Then Jesus said to him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The blind man said to him, ‘My teacher, let me see again.’ --Mark 10.51

Jeremiah 31.9

I will lead them to brooks of water, on a level road, so that none shall stumble.--Jeremiah 31.9

Mark 10.27

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. --Matthew 5.7

Matthew 5.9

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God. --Matthew 5.9

Scripture Cards - Download the PDF files and print a sheet of scripture cards.
Cut out and give to students, catechumens, or friends.

2 samuel

2 Samuel 22.29 pdf

Deuteronomy 10.14

Deuteronomy 10:14 pdf

Also see Bible Verses Cards, Scripture Clipart Cards and Scripture Posters


Articles Online

The symbol pdf indicates that the documents are in PDF format.

§ Leadership Skills for Catechists by Wanda and Gerard Scheuermann, Ministry & Liturgy Magazine,

  • All involved in catechesis have specific gifts that they bring to the task.
  • By virtue of their baptism, lay catechists have a right and responsibility to catechize.
  • All catechesis is evangelizing catechesis.
  • When catechists develop various creative ways of bringing alive the message of Jesus, more people are able to connect that message with their lived experiences.
  • Catechists who enable others to connect faith with their life experiences have a clearer understanding of the social context in which they live

§ Use liturgical catechesis to reinforce Catholic identity: The entire liturgy is our primary source of faith formation,
by Mary Birmingham - Today's Parish Minister, April/May 2009

"Parishes are experiencing a renewed interest in various models of faith formation of adults and children. One model of faith formation that receives a great deal of attention is liturgical catechesis."

§ Why Catholics don’t share their faith...and what to do about it: Help parishioners talk out loud about their belief in Jesus by Susan Wolf, SND, Today's Parish Minister, September 2009.

§ A new model for ministry: Involve the whole community in faith formation by Mary Birmingham, Today's Parish, Minister, April/May 2009

§ Catechetical Methodology - Teaching Prayerfully pdf, Marianne Cuthbertson and Dr. Caroline Farey, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3

"How can we ensure a prayerful approach in our catechesis?"

§ The Eucharist makes the Church pdf, Amette Ley, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

"We know that providing authentic teaching on the Church and on the Eucharist is absolutely central to our catechesis. This is the case not least because of the intrinsic importance of these subjects but also because of the many misunderstandings and limited views people hold on both of these areas of the Faith. I would like to identify here some of the more common misunderstandings and limitations concerning the Church and the Eucharist. I also want to suggest that we catechise strongly on the two topics together in order to avoid falling into these difficulties. Catechesis on the Church and catechesis on the Eucharist in fact belong closely together for another, and deeper, reason - because, in the words of the Catechism, ‘the Eucharist makes the Church’ (CCC 1396)."

§ Catechesis on Marriage & Family - Celebrate Love: Living Marriage in Full Colour pdf, Edmund Adamus. The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3., July-Sept 2009 Issue

"Celebrate Love is a remarkably effective way to help couples start afresh. The seminar offers couples the opportunity to get to core issues that are dividing them, deal with them and then start afresh. Feedback from these couples typically tells the same story: they had no sense of anything lacking in their marriage; they just didn’t realize how much more it could be. When people saw colour television for the first time they wondered how they could ever have been satisfied with black and white. Couples say that Celebrate Love is like seeing their marriage and their future together in full, living colour."

§ I Love to Tell the Story pdf, Raymond Topley, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

"Telling the life and story of Jesus is central for the learning of our students"

§ Encountering Christ - Through the Same Spirit in Scripture pdf,Dr Andrew Minto, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

"Church teaching helps us to see how to personally appropriate the Scriptures as living sources for our lives and for our catechesis."

§ Employing Digital Media in Catechesis pdf- Technology & Catechesis by Carson Weber, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

"In this article, we will explore several quality resources that use developments in media technology to enhance/aid our catechesis. First, we look at the technology available to us to display DVD media. Then, we dive into three specific resources that bring leaven to the new culture created by recent advances in technology."

§ As I Have Loved You: A Programme for Catholic Education in Sexuality pdf by Dr Gerard O'Shea, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

§ The Heresy of Efficiency - Part 1: The Idolatry of Achievement pdf, Brian Pizzalato, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 2

§ The Heresy of Efficiency - Part 2: The Idolatry of Work, pdf Brian Pizzalato, The Sower Vol. 30, No. 3, July-Sept 2009 Issue

§ How to celebrate name days in the classroom: Celebrate Catholic identity by connecting with patron saints by: Kathleen M. Basi, Religion Teacher's Journal

§ Catholic identity: Community is key to our faith - Apprentice your learners in the way of faith, Religion Teacher's Journal

§ In the Footsteps of the Saints by Jeanne Heiberg, Catechist Magazine, October 2009

"A sight that often entertains me at Mass appears on the feet of altar servers. They look angelic in their white albs, until one notices what's on their feet—contemporary and stylish shoes, usually tennis shoes. Their contemporary footwear stands in humorous contrast to the ancient-appearing robes."

§ The Promise of Immortality: Celebrating All Saints and All Souls by Jem Sullivan, Ph.D., Catechist Magazine, October 2009

"On the Solemnity of All Saints and the Commemoration of All Souls we are invited to ponder with the eyes of faith the mystery of time, eternity, and death itself. These liturgical celebrations remind us that the human desire for immortality is concerned with not only our physical bodies. Immortality is a spiritual reality made concrete in the lives of the saints and the souls who precede us in faith."

§ Thanksgiving by Jean Grant, Catechist Magazine, October 2009

"Celebrate Thanksgiving with your students with this prayer service."


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