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Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog


§ Apostleship of Prayer - Reflections for Children - The Web site of this association provides a number of resources. One of these is a page conceived with children in mind that provides reflections on the monthly prayer requests of Pope Benedict XVI. Read More...

§ Name that Song - Activity for Confirmation preparation classes - Joe Paprocki, on his Catechist's Journey blog, has recently posted the outline of an activity for confirmation preparation classes extending over 5 sessions of 10 minutes each. He calls these sessions "Name That Song (aka Name That Sin/Virtue/Gift). This activity should be a lot of fun for the kids (and catechists!) and an effective teaching medium. Read More...

Martin Luther King§ The Martin Luther King Jr. page on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web site offers an extensive listing of resources including lesson plans, coloring pages, worksheets, puzzles and posters. The graphic on the right is from that page and you can download a large 1229X1257 version of the image to print as a poster.

§  Virtual Symposium On Adolescent Catechesis - The Virtual Symposium was hosted on on MyCatholicVoice.com and many of the audiovisual and written documents generated in preperation for and during the symposium are still available on that Web site and on the NIAC Web sites. Read More...

§ Free Curricula - All the materials listed on this page of the Catholic Heritage Curricula Website are available for free download in PDF format. There is a large amount of useful and interesting material here. Read More...

§ Parables - Illustrated - This page on the Web site of a school in Spain offers sets of large colorful illustrations for each of seven parables: Good Samaritan; Lost Sheep; Prodigal Son; Rich Fool; Sower; Talents; Two Builders. Read More...


Technology and Religious Education


§ MyCatholicVoice is a dynamic community of people - Catholics, Christians, and others-- interested in exploring the rich tradition of the Catholic Faith. The About Us page on this Web site reads as follows:

The mission of MyCatholicVoice is to capture, index and share this tradition - using the best Internet technologies and social networking capabilities. Think of us as a combination of iTunes, YouTube and social networking capabilities designed specifically for the needs of the global Catholic Church.

We feature content of the major Catholic publishers, including the largest selection of downloadable music and video from major Catholic publishers on the Internet. Our library increases daily as we strive to provide easy access to a broad range of current and historical material that speaks most to you.


Resources on the Sunday Readings


February 22
7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lonsdale Clipart
Crossword Puzzle
Bible Study
Sadlier We Believe



Printable Monthly Calendar

Wisdom Posters


Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. 
For love is the beauty of the soul. 
-- Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me. -- Saint Patrick

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Scripture Cards


Scripture Cards - Download and print a sheet of four scripture cards to print, cut and give to students, catechumens, or friends ( yes, of course you may keep one for yourself  (-: )...

Isaiah 55.8

Galatians 5.16 Download PDF document

1 Samuel 3.10

Luke 12.25 Download PDF document

Also see Scripture Clipart Cards and Scripture Posters


Other Useful Resources Online

Do Not Keep Them From the Door 
From Poetry, Prayer, and Praise

Do not keep them from the door 
Usher them in 
Open the windows 
Let them circulate round every room 
And floor 
Let them waft and weave 
Their wares, their fragrances - 
Do not keep them from the door:
The airs and graces of the morning 
The maids and mysteries 
Of a new day dawning.


Articles Online

Thinking Faith - the online journal of the British Jesuits has published a series of articles on Saint Paul since the beginning of the Year of Saint Paul in June 2008. Articles published thus far are the following:

§ Who Was Saint Paul?

This Sunday - the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul - marks the start of a year dedicated to the memory of Saint Paul. But who was this man from Tarsus who influenced the course of Christianity more than probably any other saint?  Peter Edmonds SJ introduces the 'Thirteenth Apostle' and his writings in the first of a special Thinking Faith series for this 'Pauline Year'.

§ The Long Road to Damascus 

The Year of St Paul calls us to reflect on all aspects of the life and work of the Pharisee who became one of the most influential writers in the early church. Bishop John Arnold describes St Paul’s conversion as a long journey in faith, rather than a singular event on the road to Damascus, and looks at what we can learn from this journey, in the second of a series of articles to mark the Pauline Year on Thinking Faith.

§ Paul the Pastor

As the Pauline Year progresses, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor OP discusses Paul’s role as a pastor to the early Christian communities he established, and looks at how he maintained his relationships with and support of these communities from a distance.

§ The Vision of St Paul

Continuing Thinking Faith’s series on St Paul, Nick King SJ looks at the change affected in the apostle by his encounter with the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus, and the demands that St Paul’s letters still place on their readers, two millennia after they were written.

§ Getting to know Saint Paul today: A change in paradigm?

Recent Pauline scholarship has revealed new perspectives from which we can examine the life of the apostle and the world he lived in, claims David Neuhaus SJ. What are these developments, and how can they change our traditional understanding of Saint Paul?

§ Paul, Trinity and Community

Thinking Faith’s series on Saint Paul continues as Michael Mullins looks at Paul’s Trinitarian theology and the emphasis on community in his writings.  What do his letters tell us about the way he structured his own faith and prayer, and how he tried to guide the early Christian communities that he wrote to?

§ True Power in Paul

Zimbabwean Jesuit David Harold-Barry looks at the concept of power expressed in the letters of St Paul, as part of Thinking Faith’s series for the Pauline Year.  How does Paul’s idea of power differ to the manifestations of political power we see today?

Past articles from Thinking Faith can also be accessed through the archive.

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