February 22, 2010 - Volume 3, Number 4



Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog


Jesus knocks on the door§ The Bible and Its Story - Scanned Images from a book in the public domain. Read more...

§ oChristian Clipart offers a large collection of images. Read more...

§ Water Colors: 43 brightly colored depictions of biblical scenes from the Old Testament and 90 fom the New Testament.

§ Breaking the Bread of the Word is a Lectio Divina approach to the Sunday Liturgy. Read more...

§ ChristLife is a lay Catholic ministry established in response to the Church's call to a new evangelization. Read more...

§ The Saint Paul Ministries Web site offers a large number of resources, many of them in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Read more...

Noah's ark§ WingClips gives you access to clips from various current movies. Each of these clips can be used to explore themes relevant to faith education. Read more...

§ Picture Puzzles or How to Read the Bible by Symbols - Images from a book in the public domain - guess the Bible verse illustrated. Read more....

§ The Coloured Picture Bible for Children - images scanned from this book in the public domain. Read more...

§ Noah's Ark in Images - Images from a book in the public domain. Read more...


Technology and Religious Education


§ Telling a Story, Web 2.0 Style by Susan Brooks-Young

"Storytelling is one of the oldest and most enjoyable ways to teach and learn. Bring storytelling into the digital age by using Web 2.0 tools to make high-tech slideshows, comics, and more."


Useful Resources on Saints and Feast Days


Resources for feast days in January and February:

March 2010 calendar

Useful Resources For Lent


Resources on the Sunday Readings

Background articles and commentaries, homilies, children's stories, art, clipart, videos and other resources on the Mass readings for upcoming Sundays:  
Second Sunday of Lent CThrid Sunday of Lent4th sunday of lent


Words of Wisdom Posters

Click on the images for a full-size version.

Saint Anthony of Padua

Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. --Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Francis de Sales

Consider all the past as nothing, and say, like David: Now I begin to love my God. --Saint Francis de Sales


Scripture Posters

Isaiah 6.3

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts!
All the earth is filled with his glory!”
Isaiah 6.3

I believe that I shall see the bounty of the LORD in the land of the living.

I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27.13


Luke 9.35

This is my chosen Son; listen to him. Luke 9.35

Also see Bible Verses Cards, Scripture Clipart Cards and Wisdom of Saints Posters (New posters added)


Articles Online


§ On Fasting and Praying in Secret by Ron Rolheiser

Articles in past issues of the Catholic Updates Newsletters

Sin and Reconciliation

§ How to Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation Today

§ Ten Tips for Better Confessions— The Gift of Reconciliation

Articles in the March 2010 edition of the CATECHIST Magazine - Online edition:

§ The Search for Silence by Marlene Sweeney

"Surely our children’s need to be invited into the silence of listening to God is no different than ours. Together we can search for silence and be renewed—away from the noise of the world."

§ Craft Clip: Plastic Lids by Jeanne Heiberg

§ Stones and Blooms for Lent and Easter by Sheila Kearney

"Halfway through Lent is a good time to help students think about their Lenten resolutions and renew the spirit of Lent."

§ Faith Formation Opportunities by Susan K. Rowland

"Here are some suggestions for faith formation that you may want to explore. These suggestions include opportunities for personal exploration as well as group experiences. Both are necessary if we are to become well formed in our faith."

§ Teach Us to Pray by Janet Schaeffler, OP

"The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

§ Feeding My Soul with Purpose, Respect, and Delight by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA

§ The Word of God and Mary of Nazareth by Rev. Bertrand Buby, SM, PhD

§ Advice from Master Catechists - March 2010 by Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP, Kate Ristow, Chris Weber, Dan Thomas

"What can I do about a student who is behind the rest of the class? What can I say to a catechist who uses a lot of personal finances in her ministry?"

§ Names Written in Heaven by Sandi Belleque

"This is a good reflection prayer for anytime. It can be especially powerful during Lent."

§ Celebrating Saint John of God by Patricia Mathson

Hope of the sick Feast Day: March 8


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