Lesson Title: A Word of many colors


Grade Level or Age Group:  I have used this activity with grade 7-8 students.

Lesson Objectives: 
Given a biblical notation, the students will be able to find the passage in the Bible.

Materials Needed:

  • A class set of New Testaments or Bibles.
  • A class set of copies of the Scripture Coloring page.
  • Coloring felts or pencils.
  • Appropriate scripture passage(s).


1. Teach the students how to find passages in the New Testament. Depending on the readiness of the group you have, you might want to cover the following elements:

  • where to find the New Testament in a Bible
  • using the index
  • biblical notations

2. Use the drawing provided on the right (click on the stained glass window to get an enlarged printable version) to make a "scripture coloring sheet". Note that it should be fairly easy to create your own coloring page as well - it would simply involve tracing the general contour of an existing drawing and then dividing it into as many pieces as you wish. Steps to follow:

Stained glass windowa. print and copy the drawing and make three copies;

b. define the color scheme on one copy;

c. find passages in the New Testament that either mention the color or an object which is clearly associated with a specific color - you need to be careful here that there is no ambiguity in the verses you select , that is that there are not two different colors possible suggested by the text;

d. once you have enough scripture passage, write biblical notations in each section of the drawing to map the color scheme you have defined;

3. Student then find the scripture passages to color the drawing according to the color scheme you have defined.

N.B.: You obviously need not limit yourself to the New Testament. You can do the whole process for the entire Bible or for a single book in the Bible as well.


Here are a few tools you may use to help you find appropriate passages in the Bible:

1. Bible Gateway allows you to do word searches for the whole Bible, for a section in the Bible or for a single book. You may choose from a number of Bible translation to do this. A very useful tool even if none of the Bible translations are Catholic.

2. The The New American Bible, a Catholic version, is also available online, but does not provide a practical search engine.

3. I have compiled a brief list of passages to get you started. Click here to access it.

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