Handy Worksheets for Religious Education


alpha omegaThere are a number of very good worksheets available for catechist and religion teachers on the net. These can enhance many of your lesson plans. Below, I have provided links to some of them with a brief description of contents. Click on the title link to go to the web page on which the worksheets can be found. More links are listed at Resources for Catholic Educators - Worksheets and on the Catholic Faith Education Blog.

Bible-Based Coloring Pages for Kids

by Eden Communications/Films for Christ


This site provides 18 printable images based on bible stories (10 from the Old Testament and 8 from the New Testament). These are high quality drawings each of which fill a full 8X11 sheet when printed. A few sentences at the bottom of the drawing describes the scene. Excellent resource provided free of charge for teaching purposes and for personal use (see the copyright restrictions). Click on the drawing of Moses and the burning bush to see a full size example of one of the available coloring pages.