27th Sunday Ordinary Time - Year B

Created Incomplete

In Hebrew the word "adam" means "earth" and the word "eve" means "living". The story of adam and eve is really about earth and all things living on it: the story of all of us. We shouldn't try to figure out how God made a woman out of a man's rib. The real point of the story is that God created each of us incomplete. We need others, especially those of the opposite sex, to achieve human perfection in love. We need God to achieve complete perfection in love.

It is not good for man to be alone


They shall become two in one flesh
Made perfect through suffering

Whoever Divorces His Wife

The conservative religious leaders try to trap Jesus with a loaded question. The Old Testament allowed divorce in Deuteronomy 24:1. The problem was that the text seem to indicate that it could be granted if the husband found her displeasing AND she was unfaithful. A debate raged in the time of Christ as to whether two different things were involved: 1. displeasure and 2. infidelity. Some camps said that mere displeasure was enough. Hence a wife could be divorced if she burned the meat loaf or became wrinkled. Others said that both conditions were necessary. No matter which way Jesus answered, some would be angered. So, he simply teaches the sanctity of marriage.

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