29th Sunday Ordinary Time - Year B

Pleased To Crush Him

 There is a section of four "Suffering" poems in the last part of the book of Isaiah. They describe a person whom God calls Servant who goes through some terrible ordeal, seemingly without any reason. In today's poem, God states the purpose of the torture--to "justify" or restore the people's relationship with God. The author seems to be describing either a stereotype of any righteous sufferer or the people of Israel taken as a whole.
The Church interprets these passages as prophecies about Jesus, the Servant of all.

the Lord was pleased to crush him in infirmity


We have a Great High Priest Who has passed through the heavens

The Son of Man came to serve

Apostolic Ambition

Initially Jesus’ apostles may have joined him in the hope that he was a political revolutionary. They thought that he would launch a rebellion and set up a new kingdom in Israel. This helps us understand the un-saintly arrogance in their quarrel today. Jesus has specifically rejected any political motives. The apostles hear only what they want. They anticipate holding prominent offices in the new reign to come. We must remember that saints are first of all, human beings. They begin with the same ambitions and failings that we have, but rise above them.

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