Interesting Online Articles



bullet Trust In God, by Rev. Mark Connolly, Spirituality for Today, August 2007

bullet Blessed Are the Meek: Quotations to stir heart and mind, compiled by Richard A. Kauffman, Christianity Today magazine, August 7, 2007

bullet Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, Quotations to stir heart and mind, compiled by Richard A. Kauffman, Christianity Today magazine, July, 2007

bullet Poor in Spirit: Quotations to stir heart and mind, compiled by Richard A. Kauffman, Christianity Today magazine, June, 2007

bullet The Value of Silence by Michael Casey, OCSO, Terra Spiritus, Volume 2 Issue 1, 2006

"The fact is that we are not only creatures with a need for others. Each of us is unique and original and we need time and space apart to grow into whatever is essential for freedom and human dignity."

bullet Addiction & Spirituality, Terra Spiritus, Volume 3 Issue 2, 2007

Janiene Wilson explores the subtle nature of addiction and the role spirituality can have in helping us move beyond addiction.

bullet Catholic Devotions: A means of permeating everyday life with prayer, by Ann Maree Whenman, Echoing the Word, Vol. 5 No. 5, 2006

"Popular devotions have developed gradually over years, perhaps centuries, as people sought ways of living out their faith. They have arisen in the encounter between the Catholic faith and the spiritual needs of a culture." cross

A response to Pope John Paul’s eucharistic desire with this reflection on six stages in the history of the Eucharist in the Western Church.Catholic Update October©2006

bullet Can the Church Change? By Michael D. Guinan, O.F.M., Every Day Catholic, November 2006

"Throughout history, people have puzzled over fundamental questions: Why was I born? What happens after I die? Does life have meaning? In 2006, Every Day Catholic will address these questions and explore the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic faith." In past issues of Every Day Catholic: Why Do We Suffer? By Michael D. Guinan, O.F.M. ; ‘Who Then Can Be Saved?’ By Thomas H. Groome; Sharing Our Faith by Judith Dunlap. Upcoming in 2007: a series of articles on each of the commandments.

bullet The Desert by Jeanne Heiberg - Catechist, February 2005,

"Most of us have desert times in our lives—times when we are tempted, when following Jesus is especially hard. These desert times teach us to rely more on God than on ourselves."

bullet Forgiveness by Rev. Mark Connolly, Spirituality for Today, February 2006 - Volume 10, Issue 7

"What we have to learn in Christian theology is simply this, as long as you carry a grudge, you will never truly follow the Christ who carried His Cross and taught us the theology of forgiveness."

bullet A Seed Alone – Mark 4:26-29 by Antoinette Collins, Echoing the Word, 06-02-2006

"There is a group of agricultural parables used in Mark chapter 4, which help to explain the presence, reign or milieu of God. The whole chapter is dominated by farming or agricultural images with no fewer than three parables about seeds – their sowing and their growing..."

bullet Making Doctrine Dance: Why Lewis defied convention and opposition in order to bring Christian truth into the public arena. By Christopher Mitchell, Christian History, Summer 2005

bullet A Question of Humanity by Fr. Kevin Fitzgerald, SJ, Company Magazine, August 18, 2005 - a genetic researcher, explores A explains how genetic engineering calls on us to review our basic assumptions about being human.

bullet Kevin R. Yurkus has recently written an interesting article called The Other Catholics: A Short Guide to the Eastern Catholic Churches in which he provides a survey of the the 24 churches throughout the world that are in communion with Rome but are not part of the Roman Catholic Church.

bullet The Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning Equation by Rod Haenke in Today's Catholic Teacher