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BibleTutor - Logo used with permissionbullet The Bible Tutor produced by Luther Seminary in Saint Paul Minnesota is a great tool for religion teachers. The online version gives a basic introduction providing information pages for books (the deutero-canonical books are even included), people, places, dates, and other items in the Bible. Handy CD-ROM version which contains both the online version and an advanced version. I have not seen the latter, but I suspect that if the quality of the work is as high as that of the online version, it would be a worthwhile educational tool.

bullet The Book of Jesus: Dennis F. McCorkle has built a web site which I have found helpful in the past. He has broken down the parts of the Gospels into smaller sections and written them in a narrative form, with narrator and characters clearly identified. This is an ideal format for a dramatic reading of a text done by several students.


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