Sources of Christian Clipart


There are a number of Spanish Language Web sites that offer excellent collection of Christian clipart and art graphics. I have listed a few of these below. In most cases, you do not need to know Spanish to find your way around these web sites, but if you do you can always use an online translator:

Banco de Imágenes ACI Digital - over 1000 religious clipart and art images. The clipart are divided into the following categories: Advent | Bibles | Catechesis | Creation | Crosses | Lent | Holy Spirit | Church | Jesus | Mary | Nativity | Prayer | Bible Scenes | Bible Bible Characters | Sacraments | Holy Week | Christian Symbols | Values .

The art images are organized under the following themes: Angels and Archangels | Jesus | Mary Throughout the World | Marian Popular Devotions | Scenes from Mary's Life | Nativity | Biblical Scenes | Saints: Women | Saints: Men | Saints: Children | Teresa of Calcutta | Way of the Cross .