Clip Art for Religious Education


Below is a small selection of links to web sites containing excellent clip art that you can use for religious education. As far as I know, from indications given on the sites, these are free, at least for non commercial uses. The graphics you see on this page have been chosen from the sites listed. Click to enlarge

  • Nativity Clipart - This site lists an extensive number of Web sites that contain clipart on a nativity theme.
  • Hermanoleon Clipart - A wonderful resource filled with some of the very best Catholic graphics on the Internet. These are produced by a Franciscan community and are listed on pages according to themes.
  • The Clipart on the left is from La página de Cerezo Barredo a collection of sketches based on gospel reading for every Sunday and feast days in years A, B,and C in the liturgical cycle. These were created by artist Cerezo Barredo.All Saints day
  • Scripture Clipart - This is part of the Resources for Catholic Educators web site and contains 50 graphics with scripture passages. All 50 smaller graphics can be enlarged and printed to make a small poster. You can access these by selecting from the pulldown menu below:


  • New Testament Clipart and Old Testament Clipart - Looking for a clipart to illustrate a specific Bible verse or passage. These page may contain what you are looking for. The graphic below are a sampling of the hundreds of clipart available in this collection.
  • Two Hearts Design - Free Catholic Clipart and Hearts Clipart - A large collection of Catholic/Christian clipart. Graphics are listed under the following headings:

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