Church History: The Early Church

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History of Christianity

In England




  • Evangelists to the Death - William H.C. Frend - "It took centuries for Christian martyrs to
    impact pagan society." - Christian History, Winter 1998
  • The Church Persecuted and Defended — Chapter 3 in A Catechism of Church
    History - Fr. Robert J. Fox
  • The Empire Strikes Back: How the once illegal religion became the law of the empire - by John O. Gooch - Christian History, Winter 1998
  • Early Church History Timeline
  • The Martyrs of Lyons
  • The Christian Catacombs of Rome "The Internet site gives a wide range of answers to the many questions of visitors: What are really the catacombs?... When did they originate? Why did they develop so extensively? Why are they located outside the city walls, along the great consular roads? ...Since the catacombs are only cemeteries, how can they tell us the history of the early Church in Rome? Why did the Christians use so many symbols? Why were the Christians persecuted? Did the persecutions last uninterruptedly for centuries? What was the behaviour of the Christians during the persecutions? Did they suffer them passively, without any resistance or did they react to this injustice? ...What is the importance of the Catacombs for the Church of today?"

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