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  • This is my bodyThe Nazareth Master Catechism gives access to the contents of 5 Catholic catechisms* on specific topics including the sacraments in general and the Eucharist in particular.
  • This is part of the Catholic Information Network megasite which also has a useful questions and answers on the Eucharist.
    (*The Catechism of St. Thomas Aquinas - The Catechism of Trent - The Baltimore Catechism - The Catechism of St. Pius X - The Catechism of the Catholic Church)
  • Crossroads Online Resources for the Year of the Eucharist - "The on-line resources that we are assembling here (growing on a daily basis) in honor of the Year of the Eucharist proclaimed by Pope John Paul II are an assortment of things that will help you unpack this incomparble gift theologically and practically. They range from Papal documents to contemporary articles to very manageable selections from Fathers and Doctors of the Church which in some circumstances may be downloaded, copied and distributed free."
  • EWTN has a page on their megasite simply called The Holy Eucharist where one can find links to a number of informative articles.

Resources for Catholic Educators also has a large number of links to resources on the Eucharist.

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