Educators News - June, 2005



This is my body
Liturgy & Eucharist


bullet Celebrate The Liturgy - A few Web pages on the Web site of Saint Helen Parish in Westfield, NJ. Each part of the the Mass is briefly and simply explained.

Daily and Weekly Meditation Resources


bullet The Daily Gospel - The Gospel of the day and a brief commentary by a Father of the Church, a Saint or a contemporary author on the reading. The saint or saints of the day are also listed, often with a brief hagiography. You can also subscribe to receive this page daily via email. Available in 8 languages.


bullet Youth Ministry Resources and Gospel Reflections - A commentary on the Sunday Gospel readings. Commentaries from previous Sundays since June 2004 are archived. Take a look also at the list of Youth Ministry Reflections on this page - they can be useful on any occasion.

bullet For other sources of daily or weekly commentaries and meditations, please check under the "Daily, Weekly, Special Features" pull down menu on our home page.


Web Sites Worth Exploring


bullet Some Catholic Blogs - (Sometimes referred to as "St Blog's Parish") - Several hundred links to blog pages compiled by Gerard Serafin.

The intro reads as follows: "Here are some Catholic blogs - filled with bits and pieces of information, slices of life, the struggles and joys of our beloved Church, and often enough lots of fun."


bullet Franciscan Cards - A large selection of ecards with catholic themes for various occasions.

bullet Pocket Catholic Dictionary - John A. Hardon, S.J.
Online abridged edition of the Modern Catholic Dictionary.


Music in Review


bulletCCM Lyrics - lyrics of hundreds of contemporary Christian songs by song title.

bullet Holy Spirit Interactive Youth: Your Guide to Christian Music - Columns by Kim Jones about the men and women who make Christian Music.

Articles Online


bullet Neither Left nor Right: The Compendium of the Social Doctrine - By Deacon Keith Fournier - "The “Compendium” has come at a vitally important time for all Catholics, other Christians and all people of good will who truly desire to build a culture of life and a civilization of love to replace the current culture of death, materialism and nihilism. "


A Bit of Humor


The priest was trying to comfort one of his parishioners. "Mr. Kelly", he said, "you shouldn't be bitter. You must be thankful."
"Thankful!" exclaimed Kelley. "Just what do I have to be thankful for, I ask you? I can't even pay my bills."
The priest thought for a bit, then said brightly:
"Why? Be thankful you aren't one of your creditors."


Our collection basket isn't very large. Please fill it with something that can be folded. Thanks.


It now costs more to amuse children than it did to educate their parents.


A society lady was speaking to a Jewish Rabbi, "Some of my ancestors witnessed the signing of the Magna Carta."
"That's interesting," replied the Rabbi, "but some of my ancestors witnessed the signing of the Ten Commandments."


File on a church bookkeeper's desk: Due unto others.


Three Nuns were invited to speak about vocations at a Mass in Dublin. They arrived late and walked into the sanctuary. The priest noticed that they had nowhere to sit so he whispered to the altar server, "Quick, three chairs for the sisters."
So the boy yelled out, "Hip, hip, hooray!"