Stations of the Cross


stations of the crossHere are a few suggestions for group activities with your students during the lenten period:
  • Introduce your class to as many different versions of the Stations of the Cross as possible. Use the samples given above and any others that you can find.
  • Divide your class into groups of 3-4. Tell them they need to prepare an illustrated meditation for each of the Stations of the Cross to be presented in a prayerful way the rest of the class. Each group needs to be respectful of the topic of their assignment, but as creative as possible in preparing and presenting it.
  • Give the students some suggessions:
  • Draw each of the stations on poster paper. Write a meditation for each Station. Two readers alternate in reading these meditations while a third/fourth student holds up the appropiate poster. Gentle music could be played in the background.
  • Students present a live tableau of each of the Stations - on a cue from the reader they take up to appropriate posture and freeze until the meditation has been read and the next Station is announced. Here also the meditations for the Stations can be written by the students.
  • The "computer buffs" in your class might want to produce a digital Station of the Cross.
  • Have the students dig through magazines for scenes were they see "Jesus suffering in others". Use these to make the Stations of the Cross.
  • Have students write journal entries over a period of several weeks. Each day they could reflect in writing on one Station. At the end, pick the best reflection for each Station, or take excerpts from different journals on each Station. Use the script thus produced to lead the whole class into a prayerful reflection on the Stations of the Cross.
  • Students could choose one (or a few) of the Station(s) and write down the possible thoughts of each of the characters as they were living through these events.
  • If you have any other suggestions send me an e-mail Gilles Côté. I will post the suggestions in the next two issues of the Religious Education Webzine

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