Resources for Children's Liturgy

Bible Study and homilies


Luke 1: 57-66, 80 (Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist)


Evangelist Symbol - John

Catechesis with Children


  • Promises and Anxiety - children's story, Family Activity: The Honor of God
  • Call His Name Jesus - Mary Had a Little Lamb - A Visit from an Angel - Children's Sermons from with links to a coloring pages cololoring page and a word search puzzle crossword.
  • - Children's Sermon Study - Gabriel Visits Mary cololoring page crossword.
  • Sunday Liturgy for Children worksheets | SDC Resources - 4th Sunday of Advent pdf
  • Catholic Diocese of Aukland - Liturgy with children - 4th Sunday of Advent pdf
  • Office of the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford - Wordsearch puzzle
  • Diocese of Westminster - Children's Liturgy - Year B, Advent-4th Sunday, Dec 24, 2017 pdf
  • CAFOD - Children's liturgy for the Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year B) word document - Illustration pdf
  • Sunday Connection - Loyola Press - Fourth Sunday of Advent, Cycle B
  • Sunday lectionary readings for Liturgy of the Word with Children (Pflaum) - December 24
  • Gospell Weeklies - (Pflaum) - The Gospel at Home pdf
  • Adorers of the Blood of Christ - Children's Liturgy - Fourth Sunday of Advent pdf
  • Catholic Toolbox - 12/24/17- Luke 1:26-38
  • St John the Evangelist - Catholic Church and School - Silver Spring, MD - Children's Liturgy of the Word - Primary Lesson Plan - Preschool Lesson Plan
  • Children's Liturgy of the Word - St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, Belleville, IL -  Leader Guide
    4th Sunday of Advent
  • St Clare Parish - Coquitlam, BC, Canada - Faith Formation - Children's Liturgy Lesson Plans - pdf
  • St Francis of Assisi Parish, Christchurch, New Zealand - Children’s Liturgy Resources - Fourth Sunday of Advent pdf

Images / Clipart / Coloring Pages / Puzzles

puzzles puzzle coloring pages coloring page clipart clipart

Montly Gospel Posters, Created by Gilbert Chevrier, North West RCSSD # 16, North Battleford, Saskatchewan clipart

HermanoLeón Clipart, Advent 4 clipart

Annunciation and Visitation Coloring Pages - Several coloring pages available on this Web site

Mary and Angel Gabriel Coloring coloring

Annunciation clipart

puzzle Joan Y. Edwards - Crossword Puzzle pdf : You Shall Name Him Jesus, Luke 1:26-38, Fourth Sunday in Advent

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