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Mark 1.21-28 NAB text with concordance
(4th Sunday of ordinary time - Year B)
"A new teaching with authority."




Catechesis with Children

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Fine Arts Images Linked at The Text This Week's Art Index: Healing

Fr Lonsdale Clipart and Commentary clipart

clip art HermanoLeón Clipart

Ordinary Time 4B at Cerezo Barredo's weekly gospel illustration clipart

Man with the unclean spirit puzzle

Church of Saint Leo the Great NJ  - Children's Corner - Coloring Pages coloring page

Word Search - OFFICE FOR LITURGYof the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford puzzle

Joan Y. Edwards Wordsearch Puzzle - Crossword Puzzle - B10 Jesus Teaches in the Synagogue, Mark 1:21-28, Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time puzzle

Free Bible Images - Jesus delivers and heals in Capernaum (12 images)

The deranged man by Tissot

The deranged man by Tissot 

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