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Matthew 14: 12-16, 22-26
(The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body
and Blood of Christ B)

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  • Eucharist -- a celebration of sinners - The Body of Christ (B) Al Carino - Christ wants us to find nourishment and strength in His Body and Blood, trusting that after we have partaken of Himself, we may become a little stronger than the weakling we thought we would always be.
  • The Bread of Life - The Body and Blood of Christ B - Frank Enderle - In each Holy Mass that is celebrated, when Holy Communion is received, we Christians eat the Body and drink the Blood of Christ. Our Lord makes Himself present in a real way in the bread and wine consecrated by the priest. The food that the Eucharist gives us is the only food that can strengthen our souls. If we do not eat it, we will become spiritually weaker, just as the physical body weakens when it does not take in food.
  • A New Sacrifice - Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (B) - Antonio P. Pueyo - The lack of emphasis on the sacrificial aspect of the Eucharist might be part of a whole culture to avoid the word “sacrifice”. It seems in an indulgent contemporary culture, we become allergic to making sacrifices.