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Matthew 5.1-12 Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time and Solemnity of All Saints - “Blessed are...”

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Catechesis with Children

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Wisdom of the Saints Posters

clip art HermanoLeón Clipart: All Saints - 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time A

clip art Clip Art ,All Saints - All Souls Days, Fr. Richard Lonsdale

Free images and illlustrated story set: The Beatitudes

Office of the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford - Wordsearch puzzle

puzzle Blessed are the Peacemakers - Crossword Puzzle pdf

puzzle Blessed Are the Peacemakers - Word Search Puzzle pdf

puzzle Matthew 5:1-12 — Beatitudes

puzzle Pinterest - The beatitudes puzzles - Coloring pages coloring page

coloring page Beatitudes Coloring Pages

Free Bible Images - The Beatitudes (13 images)

coloring page Church of Saint Leo the Great NJ  - Children's Corner - Coloring Pages

Posters on the beatitudes:

Beatitudes Posters - Three posters to download and print

Posters on individual beatitudes:

Matthew 5.3
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Matthew 5.4
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Matthew 5.5
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Matthew 5.6
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Matthew 5.7
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Matthew 5.8
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Matthew 5.9
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Matthew 5.10
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