Miracle by Alison Gasparini



mother and child

Two weeks before my youngest child, Simon, was to celebrate his first birthday, he became ill. He had a chest infection and the doctor not only prescribed medication, but also advised me to use a humidifier when he was sleeping. On that Friday night, I was reaching the point of exhaustion. As a full-time working mother who had stayed awake with a sick child the night before, all I could think of was putting my head on the pillow and getting a good nights rest. As my older son, Enrico was also starting to sniffle, I decided to let both boys sleep in my bed, and let their dad sleep in the nursery.

Simon could not sleep. His tiny body was wracked with hoarse coughing from the time I had put him down, and all I could do was continue turning the humidifier up and prop his pillows higher and higher. Eventually, he fell into a deep and exhausted sleep, and, with him finally being able to rest, I fell asleep as well.

Some time later, I heard a voice calling me, urgently, "Alison, wake up, wake up." I awoke, and immediately reached for Simon. Simon was not breathing. His skin was cold and clammy, and he had no pulse. I jumped out of bed with my tiny baby in my arms, and started shaking him, hysterically calling his name, and calling out, "God, my father, please help me. Please help me." I had never been so frightened and helpless in all my life.

Somehow, I managed to get to the bedroom door, and as I opened it to call my husband, Simon took in a deep breath, laid his little head on my shoulder, and was asleep again, and he slept the rest of the night right through. I related what had happened to my husband, Luigi, and the entire night, we stayed at his bedside, keeping vigil, every few seconds feeling his pulse and making sure that he was still breathing. We were both adamant that we would never sleep again.

mother and childThe following morning, I took Simon in to the doctor and explained to him what had transpired. The doctor determined that Simon had suffered cot death. He suspected that, because the baby was so exhausted, he had fallen into a very deep sleep and had stopped breathing. The doctor could give no explanation for the voice I heard calling me, and could only say that it was by the grace of God that I had woken when I did, and that Simon was still alive.

Today, Simon is a lively three year old, with a mischievous grin and adorable dimples. I know that angels exist, that God truly is a loving and merciful Father, and that, yes, miracles do happen. I just have to look at Simon!

©Alison Gasparini, 2000
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