January 5, 2009 - Volume 2, Number 1



Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog


§ RE Teacher - Catholic Religious Education Resources is a brand new blog created and maintained by Sarah Reyes who is a K-1 RE teacher. She and her husband have been teaching for 6 years. They created this blog to post their lessons. In addition to providing a description of what they did, they also indicate hoow things turned out and where they got the resources they needed (Web address of useful resources are provided). Read More...

§ Bible Coloring Images - Dibujos bíblicos en blanco y negro - The Web site Galería de Escenas Bíblicas offers collections of images depicting biblical scenes. One of these collections is of back and white drawings (close to 70 images), most of which can be printed and used as coloring pages. Read More...

§ The Wonders of the Universe - UNAWE is an international outreach programme that uses the beauty and scale of the universe to inspire very young children in underprivileged environments. Awakening the minds of children to the wonders of the universe goes hand in hand with opening their minds and hearts to the God who is the creator of all of these wonders. The UNAWE Web sites offers resources and lesson plans that can be easily adapted to a religious education context. Read More...

§ Poetry, Prayer, and Praise - The blog was created in November 2006 and there are now hundreds of poems, reflections, meditations, prayers, and magnificent photographs in this wonderful tapestry of poetry, prayer and praise: an aptly named blog indeed! Read More.

§ Daily Morning Whisper - This Web site offers a daily scripture passage with a wonderful photograph and a brief reflection. The photos and brief insightful comments often reflect the gratitude and delight in creation that is one of the characteristic of Franciscan spirituality. Read More...

§ Thomas Merton - Quotations, videos and other resources on and by Thomas Merton. Read More...

§ The Abbey of the Genesee - Monastic Life - A short video that provides a glimpse into monastic life. Read More...


Technology for Relgious Education

Cute verse card

Sunday School Printables - This Web site offers a number of useful online tools: a bookmark generator to create customized bookmarks for your students; a "Verse card generator" that allows you to quickly create illustrated cards with Bible verses on them such as the one on the right ; and tools to generate and print certificates and personalized Christian cards, greeting cards, holiday cards, thank you cards or birthday cards.



Resources on the Sunday Readings


January 11
Baptism of the Lord

Crossword Puzzle
Bible Study

February 22
7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lonsdale Clipart
Crossword Puzzle
Bible Study



Posters, Cards, and Calendars


Words of Wisdom Posters

 Edith Stein

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.
-- Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me. -- Saint Patrick

More Word of Wisdom Posters


Scripture Cards - Download and print a sheet of four scripture cards to print, cut and give to students, catechumens, or friends ( yes, of course you may keep one for yourself  (-: )...

Isaiah 55.8

– John 1.4
Download PDF document

1 Samuel 3.10

...and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1.4
Download PDF document

Also see Scripture Clipart Cards and Scripture Posters


Printable Monthly Calendar


2009 Calendar


Other Useful Resources Online


Liturgical Year B focuses on the Gospel of Mark. Resources on the Gospel of Mark are available here:


Articles Online

§ Catholic Update Articles:

  • Jesus the Jew by Father J. Patrick Mullen

    Christians sometimes forget that Jesus was Jewish. Understanding Jesus' Jewish roots, we understand more deeply the Gospels and our own Catholic tradition.

  • Ordinary Things, Sacred Meaning by Jeanne Hunt

    Catholics celebrate Lent through lenten prayer, fasting, almsgiving, to prepare for Easter. Here are practical ideas for daily lenten practices and lenten activities to help you get the most out of this Lent.

§ An Exorcism Available to Everyone in New Oxford Review, November 2008

§ Thomas Merton, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, November 21st, 2008

There is a short video (11 minutes) on Thomas Merton and his spirituality and transcripts of interviews with authorities on Merton on this PBS Web site. Also availalbe are excerpts from Merton's letters, and a photo album. Quite interesting and well made!

See also Thomas Merton: Resources for Catholic Educators


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