Way of the Cross

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Stations of the Cross: Artististic Rendering nails

  • The Way of Love: the stations of the cross with text by Father Johan Strydom and pictures carved in thombothi wood by Joel Mbuyisa at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Mangete, South Africa.
  • The Stations of the Cross in Mosaic I - VII - VIII - XIV. These mosaics are from the St Mary’s of the Sea cathedral in Darwin, Australia and were designed by a Miss Lola McCausland of Brisbane.
  • Short Way of the Cross - This short Way of the Cross is used by the Franciscan Fathers on their Missions. This feature is illustrated by Ken Cooke. On the Holy Spirit Interactive Web site.
  • The Way of the Cross by Jean Debruynne
  • The Way of the Cross - Various images of great artists for each station, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Stations of the Cross: Audiovisual

Stations of the Cross: Meditations by Saints and Popes

Stations of the Cross: Social Justice and Peace

Stations of the Cross: Scriptural

Stations of the Cross: General