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  • Afterhours Inspirational Stories: This offers hundreds of stories of the "Chicken Soup" variety. Some of them are explicitly Christian. Quite a few could be used to enhance a lesson.
  • Visit our Storytelling page for more links on web sites containing stories or focussing on storytelling.
  • The Word Made Flesh: Breathing Life Into the Story - Story, Biblical Storytelling and Narrative Theology. Abibiliography Compiled by Dennis Dewey, Tracy Radosevic and Klara Tammany
  • Acting the Clown - By Hilary Musgrave RSC,. This article relates the experience of a Loreto nun working with a storyteller/singer to bring the Gospel to schollchildren.
  • Picturing the Kingdom of God -open window article by Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, TOR of Holy Spirit Friary. - "Stories, parables, fables, anecdotes, illustrations, etc., help us to see the "bigger picture" in life. They help us to understand there is more to life than our own limited spheres of experience. They create pictures in our mind and open up our imagination to comprehend a greater dimension of life than we are normally used to experiencing. Stories are vehicles that take us to far off places, places we've never experienced ourselves."
  • Storytelling as Ministry - Another article by Fr. Brian Cavanaugh - "Whenever, and wherever stories are told--be it through preaching, counseling, teaching--a chord is plucked within the understanding of the listeners. Often the story is heard by the ear, but listened to by the sub-conscious mind where its deeper meaning resides. "
  • Storytelling for Character Development: Why is Storytelling an Effective Technique to Use? Excerpts from Books That Build Character by William Kilpatrick and Gregory and Suzanee Wolfe - " Stories, because of their hold on the imagination, can create an attachment to goodness. The nature of stories enables us to "rehearse" moral decisions, strengthening our solidarity with the good."

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