Site Reviews: Lenten Resources

Ash wednesday

  Below are reviews of some of the good Lenten sites available for personal growth and/or for background in preparing lessons on Lenten themes. Click on one of the items in the menu below to be taken to that section. There are so many sites with good Lenten resources that it was impossible to review all of them here. Consult our Lent, and Holy Week links page for a list of other web sites.

General Web sites - Prayer & Meditation - Lenten Clipart - Crafts & Activities - Coloring Pages
Stations of the Cross
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General Web sites

bullet Lent and Holy Week: Overview and On-Line Resources - practical ideas for Lenten devotions, prayers and spiritual exercises for Holy Week, readings by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio explaining the significance of the number forty days, lots of great readings from the Church Fathers. Many of the resources are available as PDF files that can be downloaded for free and duplicated for family or parish use.

Lesson Plans

bullet Bread or Stone - Penitential Preparation

bullet Stations of the Cross Project

Prayer & Meditation

bullet Lenten Meditations Written by M. Jean Frisk, The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute - These are beautifully illustrated and the text is wonderful to read - There are five mediations in all: Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5

bullet At the Foot of the Cross - by Gilles Côté

Coloring Pages

Lenten Clipart & Images

bullet See also our lenten clipart pages: Lent - Palm Sunday - Holy Thursday - Good Friday

Links to Images - Holy Week

bullet Scripture Clipart - with scriptural verses.

Crafts & Activities

bullet A Christian Passover Seder Meal - "Haggadah means "Book of Remembrance' and it is the book, or liturgy that tells the Jewish people how to celebrate the Passover Seder (meal.) Christ, mysteriously incarnate as both the Son of God and a faithful Jewish man choose the Passover Seder to institute the new 'meal' of salvation and redemption. Christians can celebrate this seder to share a common ancestry with our Jewish brothers and sisters, and in memory of the meal that Jesus celebrated with his apostles. This 'Messianic Passover' meal should be celebrated on Holy Thursday. " - from the source

bullet This Lutheran web sites offers beautifully illustrated resources for children:

The Events of Holy Week

bullet Making a Paschal Candle - Here are the instructions for making the Paschal candle.

bullet Palm Crosses - Step by step to making palm crosses with illustrations.

bullet Make a Basket of Blessing Eggs - by Monica McConkey

bullet Our Sins on the Cross - by Monica McConkey

bullet Exploring Lent - by Mary Ellen Vice

Stations of the Cross

bullet Click here for more stations of the cross online.