Will You Still Love Me When I Die: A Grandpa's Love

Story By Rob Neves

For I am certain that nothing can seperate us from His love: neither death nor life. - Romans 8:38

When Alicia’s Grandpa died she cried and cried. She felt so hurt and scared she didn’t know what to do. So she tried to look brave and pretend everything was OK but she was still feeling yucky inside. One night as her mother tucked her into bed Alicia asked her mother, “ Does grandpa still love me? I mean he is not alive but does he still love me even though I can’t see him?”

Alicia’s mom sat on her bed and crawled under the covers with Alicia. She said “He still loves you.”

“How do you know?” Alicia asked

Without a second's hesitation her mother replied, “Do you remember when he went to Florida and we didn’t see him for two weeks, did he love you then?”

“Of course.” Alicia whispered, “He was just gone for a little while and he brought me back an ‘I Love Florida’ T-shirt.”

“Well... What if he was gone for two months, like for the whole summer holidays, would he still love you?”

“I think so.. I guess the summer holidays go by fast. Yeah.” answered Alicia.

“I am sure he would. I bet you he would even get you two T-shirts.” her mother replied


“So ...What if he had stayed there for two years.” her mother continued, “ You know like your friend José, whose grandparents can only come to Canada every other summer, Do you think your grandpa would love you as much as they love José?

“Of course he would.” she said.

“And what if he went sailing and got stranded on a deserted Island and it took him twenty eight years to build a boat out of coconut shells and belly button lint. When he finally got back here would he still have loved you all the time you hadn’t seen or heard from him.” her mother asked.

“Yeah.” Alicia giggled “But that is different, He was still alive to make that love, If he is isn’t there then how can he love.”

“Let me ask you another question.” her mother said, “If your grandpa had lost an arm in an accident would he still love you?”

“What if it was a bad accident and he lost both arms, would he still love you.” her mother asked.

“Yeah. Of course.” Alicia answered.

“What if the accident was terrible and he lost both arms both legs, and he couldn’t talk would he still love you?”


“Even if he couldn’t tell you?”

“Yes...but, I don’t understand what all these questions mean.” Alicia admitted.

“Well, if loosing a part of a body doesn’t change your grandpa’s love then loosing his whole body won’t change his love for you. and if not seeing or hearing from him for a little while doesn’t change his love for you then not seeing or hearing form him for a long time won’t change his love for you either. You see the part of your grandpa that loves you will never die. There isn’t an amount of time long enough or a change in body great enough to make him stop loving you even if he isn’t here to tell you.

Alicia looked at her mom and smiled, “Mom. Does he know that I still love him?”

“He knows.” said her mother as she kissed Alicia’s head

“Alicia stared to laugh, then asked her Mom, “If he is going to be away for a long time do you think he will still buy me a T-shirt.”

“ I am not sure if he has one or not, but if he does it won’t say ‘I Love FLORIDA’.. It will say ‘I love Alicia’.”

Alicia’s mom tucked her in again and watched her daughter fall asleep. She sat there for the longest time, thinking and praying. She wasn’t sure where the ideas came from or how she found those words. She didn’t know if she was right or wrong, or if there something she missed. What she did know was the way she felt and the smile on her daughter’s face. Their hearts weren’t soothed by peace of mind, but rather a grandpa’s love.

Forever There Collage


Use a large picture of some one you love. Paste it to some thicker paper. On the opposite side of the paper paste a variety of pictures from magazines, and photographs that reflect the things that person loves. When the paste is dry use a felt tip pen to write words, saying and descriptions randomly on the collage. When you are finished you have on one side a picture of the body that holds all the love, and on the other side you have the love that is forever.

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