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Rob Neves is a Graduate of Conestoga College's Early Childhood Education Program. Over the past 13 years, he has worked with young children through the Children's Aid Society, Conestoga College, YMCA and the Region of Waterloo's Integrated Child Care Centres.· Currently, in addition to his work as the Early Literacy Specialist for Perth Middlesex Early Years. He continues to write, record and develop children's stories, children's ministry resources and share his gift for storytelling all across Ontario.· Rob and his wife Colleen have been blessed with three incredible children (8,5 and 3) and own and operate "Little Blessings Christian Home Child Care" in Listowel. Published work includes: "The Incredible Love Holder", Woodlake Books, "Story Telling and Early Literacy" and "Discovering the Child’s Voice Through Storytelling" in Interaction, a publication of the Canadian Childcare Federation , "Grandpa Loves You More." Ontario Agriculture Federation, "You've Been Given" Perth District Health Unit, Several Scripts for the Group Publishing's Faith Weaver Series.

Rob has designed workshops and keynote addresses for numerous community service providers including Conestoga College, Avon Maitland School board, Huron Perth Catholic Teachers, Grey Bruce E.C.E. association, Perth District Health Unit, Huron Perth Family Services, Diocese of London Family Life and Youth Ministry.

Robert Neves


Storyteller Rob Neves

Robert Neves


Stories on CDs

Rob Neves has also recorded many of his stories on CDs.

Silly Tales:

This collection of silly stories is all about giggling and having fun. These stories have been shared with thousands of kids and are guaranteed to make your kids smile - 7 stories and approximately 72 minutes in length.

  1. Belly Button Caper
  2. Who's Afraid of the Dark?
  3. The Super Loud Gazooble-phone
  4. The Wiggly-Giggly Moo Juice
  5. Justin's Tricycle - Listen to the Story in MP3 format (5Mb)
  6. Bigadad Wolf's Very Bad Cold
  7. The Tickl-a-saurus Rex

The Gentle Truth:

This collection of stories is a valuable resource for anyone working or living with young children, provides real answers to life’s tough questions without overwhelming children with how harsh the truth can be - 8 stories and approximately 32 minutes in length.

  1. The Incredile Love Holder - Read the Story
  2. Do You Love?
  3. Grandpa's Love - Read the Story - Listen to the Story in MP3 format
  4. Love Songs
  5. Poor Man's Riches
  6. Pork and Cheese
  7. The Promise - Read the Story
  8. The Big Plan - Read the Story

“Taking the Word Home” Series

This series of CDs are based on stories of the Gospels from the Advent period for Year C. These stories were developed as a way to introduce kids to scripture in a context that has real meaning for them. These stories are a great addition to any library - 41 minutes in length.

  1. First Sunday of Advent: Luke21:25-36 - Read the Story
  2. Second sunday of Advent: Luke 3:1-6 - Read the Story - Listen to the story in MP3 format (4Mb)
  3. Third Sunday of Advent: Luke 3:7-18 - Read the Story
  4. Fourth Sunday of Advent: Luke 1:39-45
  5. Nativity of the Lord: Luke 2:1-20

These CDs are available upon request for $15 cdn per CD including shipping costs.You may also send the equivalent amount in US currency (For current exchange rates see .

For additional information or to place an order, please email or visit his web site.


How Would Jesus Tell the Story?

This workshop explores the teaching strategies described in Christ’s interactions in the Gospels and teaches your team how to use those same strategies how to share the Word in the world today. By using the translation template, we can wrap our scriptural text with a story that lends context and practical meaning. For example, imagine you are Lazarus. You have been dead for 4 days, and now your friend Jesus raises you from the dead. On Monday, when you do back to work, how do you explain why you weren’t at work on Friday? The challenge of sharing the words of a different time, written in different place, left in different language and describing a different world doesn't need to be intimidating.

Your Third Chance

Most of us get three chances to experience the parent/child relationship. While most of us are active participants in our own childhood with our parents, and in our parenting of our own children, we tend to forget that we are active participants in our childhood with our Heavenly Father. This CD looks at what our Children teach us about God, what God Teaches us about parenting and what we teach our children about both.

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