October 6, 2008 - Volume 1, Number 11




Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog


§ Cipart - During the month of September  have made posted several entries listing a total of 14 Websites with clipart resources. Most of these are Spanish language Websites. I have Crucifixion of Saint Peterprovided the English titles of the different sub-headings for these sites to make it easier fo you to find what you want. You can find the complete listing of postings here.

§ Art and Saints - Art cyclopedia is a megasite with links to Web sites featuring reproductions of artworks and information on the artists who created them. One page on this Web site is dedicated to artworks on specific saints. Read More...

§ Prayer Ideas - Echoing the Word is an Australian magazine published by the Daughters of Saint Paul that focuses on religious education and faith formation. The magazine Web site allows you to sample one past issue and the current issue page outlines the content of the hard copy edition but also gives access to one of the issue's article and the editorial. Read More...

§ Ancient and Future Catholics - The site is rich in content. It offers a large number of clear, informative and balanced articles: a summary of basic Catholic beliefs; brief answers to various objections to Catholic beliefs; various media (blogs, podcasts, discussion forum), conversion stories; prayers; art, poetry, hymns; and sermons. Read More...

§ Quotes: Catholic Education - The Web site of the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership, University of San Francisco, School of Education, has a large database of quotations on Catholic Educations. Read More...

§ Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Newsletter - This newsletter contains a number of valuable features. Read More...

§ October 1 was the feast day of Saint Therese, "The little flower". As well, Thérèse's mother and father, Zelie and Louis Martin, will be beatified on October 19, 2008. For resources on Saint Therese and her parents click here.


Technology and Religious Education


  • § PowerPoint Presentations - The Web site Slideshare.net contains a large number of PowerPoint presentations uploaded by various people. Registered users (registration is free) can download some of these. There are quite a few interesting presentations that could be useful in a faith formation context.   Read More...



Resources on the Sunday Readings

November 2
All Souls

Living Space
Bible Study




Words of Wisdom Posters

 Saint AFrancis of Assisi

Where there is injury let me sow pardon -- Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Augustine

Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you. -- Saint Augustine

Scripture Cards - Download and print a sheet of four scripture cards to print, cut and give to students, catechumens, or friends ( yes, of course you may keep one for yourself  (-: )...

1 Peter

Like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house... 1 Peter 2.5
Download PDF document

Psalm 27

I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27.13
Download PDF document

Also see Scripture Clipart Cards and Scripture Posters

Other Useful Resources Online

Resources for All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Catholic Faith Education: All Hallows Eve, All Souls and All Saints Day All Saints

Catholic Educators News: October, 2004 - All Hallows Eve, All Souls and All Saints Day - Scroll down the page to see a review of some online resources

All Souls Day, Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead - article by by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.

Resources for Catholic Eductors - Saints

Classroom Activities on Saints - Resources for Catholic Educators

The Wisdom of Saints - Resources for Catholic Educators

Resources for Catholic Eductors - Saints: Coloring Pages

Creed: In the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints

Art Prints and Posters - Saints

Coloring Pages: A large number of resources has been added to the Bible Coloring Pages on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web site.

Religious Education Product News: The Latest Scoop

Articles Online


§ Creating a Culture of Vocation by Sister Janet Gildea, S.C., Catholic Updates, September 2008

Becoming a Sister, Brother or priest today is filled with new challenges. How can families and parishes support religious vocations today? This Update explores vocations including 5 steps for creating a parish vocation culture.

§ Our Brothers’ Keepers—Faith, Politics and the Common Good by Jim and Susan Vogt - Every Day Catholic ©2008 September

What does it take to live as an adult Catholic in our changing and challenging world? Every Day Catholic uses an engaging and practical approach to help readers confidently apply Christian values to their everyday decisions. An online small group process is an added bonus.

§ The Problem of Suffering and Evil by Ron Rolheiser

How can there be an all-loving and an all-powerful God if there is so much suffering and evil in our world?

§ Nurturing the Spirit in Early Years Settings by Jan Grajczonek, Echoing the Word, Vol. 7 No. 2, 2008

Jan Grajczonek looks at the way in which teachers can nurture children’s spirituality and assist them with the language to be able to articulate their experiences. Religious educators can provide a variety of experiences that cultivate their innate awareness sensing, mystery and valuing sensing giftedness

§ Teaching Christian Meditation to Children by Ernie Christie & Dr Cathy Day Echoing the Word, Vol. 7 No. 4, 2008

Ernie Christie & Dr Cathy Day explore the possibilities offered to children, as well as parents and teachers, by Christian meditation. Ernie and Cathy focus on the way in which this practice responds to the holistic educational needs of children and can nurture a spirituality and attentiveness for life.


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