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Albert the Great - Agnes - Anselm - Anthony of Padua
Augustine of Hippo - Benedict - Bruno - Catherine of Sienna
Clare - Charles Borromeo - Dominic - Francis of Assisi
Gregory the Great - John Chrysostome - John-Paul II
John the Evangelist - Leo the Great - Luke the Evangelist
Mark the Evangelist - Martin de Tours - Mary MacKillop
Mary, Mother of God - Matthew the Evangelist
Mother Teresa - Padre Pio - Robert Bellarmine
Teresa of Avila - Therese of Lisieux


Mother Teresa

Mother Mother Teresa with children coloring page Mother Teresa line drawing Blessed Mother Teresa Coloring Page Mother Teresa line drawing Mother Teresa Mother's Day coloring page

Francis and Clare of Assisi - Saint Francis and Clare coloring page - Saint Clare of Assisi - Saint Clare of assisi coloring page - DIBUJO: Santa Clara de Asís Saint Francis restoring the church at San Damiano - Saint Francis and Saint Clare with Jesus - Saint Clare holding a lamp coloring page - Saint Clare holding a lamp coloring page - Saint Clare of Assisi coloring page Saint Francis pray for us coloring page Blessing of the animals - C is for Saint Clare Saint Clare - Saint Francis with animals - Saint Francis of Assisi coloring page  Monks following St. Francis over the hills outside Assisi

Teresa of Avila Saint Teresa of Avila Coloring Page Saint Teresa of Avila coloring page 1 - coloring page 2

10-15 St Teresa

Therese of Lisieux St. Therese Coloring Page Saint Therese of Lisieux coloring page

10-01 StTherese

John-Paul II Several coloring pages of Pope John Paull II Saint John-Paul II John Paul II John-Paul II Coloring page John Paull II Pope John Paul II Coloring Page

Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great by on Scribd



John Chrysostome


St. John Chrysostom Trad Cal by JOYfilledfamily on Scribd



Padre Pio Padre Pio Padre Pio Padre Pio Padre Pio 1 - Padre Pio 2 - Padre Pio 3 - Padre Pio 4 - Padre Pio 5 Padre Pio


Mary MacKillop


St. Mary MacKillop by on Scribd



Augustine of Hippo Saint Augustine Coloring Page Saint Augustine Bishop of Hippo, Doctor of the Church (A.D. 430)




St Agnes Coloring Page Final by sapsygo on Scribd



Anthony of Padua Saint Anthony of Padua coloring page 1 - coloring page 2 - coloring page 3


Robert Bellarmine


St. Robert Bellarmine by on Scribd


Symbol of Luke the EvangelistJohn The Evangelist Symbol of Saint John the Evangelist


Anselm Saint Anselm Coloring page

Benedict Saint Benedict

Bruno Saint Bruno coloring page

Charles Borromeo Saint Charles Borromeo

11-04 St. Charles Borromeo

Catherine of Sienna Saint Catherine of Sienna 1 - Saint Catherine of Sienna 2 - Saint Catherine of Sienna 3 Saint Catherine of Sienna



Saint Catherine of Siena by on Scribd


Leo the Great

11-10 Pope St. Leo the Great

Martin de Tours Two coloring pages on Saint Martin de Tour Martin the Tours coloring page

11-11 St. Martin of Tours

Albert the Great

11-15 St. Albert the Great

Symbol of Luke the EvangelistLuke the Evangelist St.Luke theEvangelist. Symbol of Saint Luke the Evangelist Symbol of St. Luke the Evangelist

10-18 StLuke

Dominic Saint Dominic

Symbol of Matthew the EvangelistMatthew the Evangelist

goodshepherdlcms: Saint Matthew tax collector St Matthew coloring page Symbol of Saint Matthew

Symbol of Matthew the EvangelistMark the Evangelist Symbol of Mark the Evangelist St. Mark's lion