November 22, 2010 - Volume 3, Number 12

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Religion Teacher lesson planningFaith Formation

  • Amazing Catechist, founded by Lisa Mladinich,  is  "a community of faithful Catholics ready to share with you and hoping to learn from you." [more...]
  • "People for Others - catechists who use stories as part of their teaching tools will appreciate the collection of close to 30 archived stories. [more...]
  • The Johnny Cash Project - teachers can use the project in their classrooms "as an entry point into talking about the difficult subject of death." [more...]
  • The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning [more...]
  • The Web site of the Catholic News Agency (CNA) has an extensive selection of articles introducing the Bible in general and each of the books of the Bible in particular. Also included ar historical maps of Bible lands and Church documents relating to the study of the Holy Scriptures.
  • The Blog That's All About R.C.I.A. - This is the blog of the Association for Catechumenal Ministry [more...]

Bible Studies

  • Sharing the Word is a daily 90-second radio homily by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk [more...]
  • "Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures" - Online Workshop. [more...]
  • Reading Your Bible - This would be a good tool for RCIA teams or for adult sharing groups. [more...]
  • Archaeology Illustrated -  "With a combination of intensive archaeological investigation, scriptural and ancient text research, and a measured dose of interpretive insight, it is possible to recreate (Biblical) settings with a startling degreeof accuracy. "
  • The Hyper-concordance includes each word in the English Standard Version text of the New Testament. [more...]

Christian Music

Social Justice

  • These ten principles of environmental ethics are drawn from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. " [more...
  • The Education for Justice Web site offers a myriad of resources related to Catholic Social Teachings [more...]

Advent and Christmas

  • Advent and Christmas Seasons - This section on the Web site of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops offers several resources for Advent and Christmas: On devotionals for Advent and Christmas; Lessons and Carols; Blessings and Prayers; Useful Resources

Clipart and Coloring Pages

  • Saint Anne's Helper offers close to 500 coloring pages and clipart to download and to print. [more...]


  • thanksgivingFr Jim Martin on Prayer is a series of 11 videos. [more...]
  • The Religious Education and Family Life Office of the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board has a selection of free resources (prayer service and other useful handouts) for each month of the school year. [More...]
  • Upbeat Rosary - I receive a substantial number of requests for help in locating resources on specific topics. I am always pleased to oblige when I can. Most of the requests are simple enough to fulfill and I have a general idea as to where the resource can be found. A recent request, however, has me completely stumped! Could anyone provide me with an answer to Cynthia who writes:
    "I'm looking for an upbeat/uptempo version of the rosary to listen to while running/exercising.  Do you have one or know of one?"

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Resources for feast days in December:

Advent and Christmas - Resources

Advent: General | Advent: General 2 | Advent: Meaning | Advent Coloring Pages | Advent Calendars | Advent Wreaths & Crafts | Jesse Tree | Prayers of Advent | Advent & Christmas Clpart | Advent Site Reviews - Catholic Faith Education Blog: Advent | Christmas | Catholic Faith Education Blog: Christmas



Resources on the Sunday and Daily Readings

  1. Articles, Commentaries, Homilies, Clipart, Coloring pages, Puzzles, Children's Stories for the upcoming Sunday Gospel readings:
  2. For more articles, commentaries, homilies, clipart, coloring pages, puzzles, children's stories for Sunday Gospel readings consult the following pages: Sunday Readings: Matthew - Sunday Readings Mark - Sunday Readings Luke - Sunday Readings: John
  3. Prepare for Mass Blog
  4. The Catholic Toolbox: Special Events for November

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Lord's Prayer

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